Vacation in Austria

An unique experience at any time

Austria combines culture and nature in a particular and unequalled way, and its eventful history is certainly one of the reasons why.

Austria is also casually refered to as a "country of connoisseurs". The products grown and processed here are of high quality and often characteristic of their region of origin. Because of this, these regions have earned the titel "connoisseur's county".

Due to its many excellent offerings, Austria initially established itself internationally as favourite winter destination. Meanwhile, the country has recognized its potential for vacation all the year round, and every effort is made to make your stay a lovely one.

The holiday regions known best are probably Vorarlberg, Tyrol and Salzburg. Here, you can always find a place to rest and relax.

Austrians know and tourists discover that Carinthia with its many lakes, its mild climate and peoples' hospitality is a beautiful travel destination.

If your are on a quest for culinary experiences, you will find that Lower Austria, Styria or Burgenland are your favoured places to go. The famous wine routes of these regions with all their many culinary possibilities make your stay a delight for your taste-buds.

Visiting Austria's fascinating towns and cities is becoming more and more popular. Every region and every town is charming in its very own way. They turn your holidays into a rich and eventful experience.

In the near future we will start to fill this guide with more information and interesting links on holiday in Austria. If you have questions or information to us we look forward to your message.


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